rozy roll

Rozy rolls ばらの飾り巻き

cozy roll
Rozy roll

What is Rozy rolls?

I call this roll the “Rozy rolls”. Because it looks like a “Rose” inside of sushi. We call it “Kazarimaki” in Japanese for this type of sushi roll.


Kazarimaki ” is decoration / fancy sushi. A little bit tricky to make but looks beautiful!

We use to be made “Kazarimaki” for festivals or something special in Japan.

There will be a video of me showing you how to make a Rozy rolls bellow!!!

Japan had an interesting custom of eating sushi rolls in February.

It calls “Setsubun” February 3rd or 4th.

節分 Setsubun refers to the day before the beginning of each season.

The last day of winter/ The day before the beginning of spring.

Setsubun is the Japanese event held to pray for our happy and healthy life.

On that day, we throw away beans by saying “Devils out! Happiness in! This is called “Mamemaki

And people eat beans as numbers as their age.

And we eat “Ehoumaki” which t is sushi rolls.

veggie sushi

What is Ehou maki?

There are a few rules fo eating of Ehomaki

It is regarded as a good thing to eat Ehoumaki(恵方巻) during Setsubun. When we eat it, we must face silently toward the year’s lucky direction with your eyes closed and without speaking.

Each year the lucky direction will change.

In English it’s called – Fortune sushi roll

I would like to introduce the best sushi for your special day!!!

How to make Rozy rolls

Step1. Make thin fried eggs

Step2. Put salmon on the thin fried egg

At the first make a thin fried egg roll.


Stagger the salmon on the thin fried egg and roll it.

rozy roll

Step3. Cut cucumber

Cut cucumber into triangle sticks

Step4. put rice on the seaweed sheet

Put triangle stick cucumber on the rice.

rozy roll

Step5. Put egg roll on the rice

Put a thin fried egg roll on the rice and roll.

rozy roll
rozy roll
rozy roll

Rozy roll

How to make Rozy roll. looks like a rose when you cut your sushi it's called "Rozy roll"
Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 25 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 4 rolls


Sushi rice

  • 1 cup Rice
  • ½ tbsp Rice vinegar
  • tbsp Brown rice syrup(sugar)
  • tsp Salt
  • 4 Seaweed sheets
  • ½ Cucumber

Egg (thin fried egg)

  • 4 Eggs (one thin fried egg/each rozy roll)
  • 200 g Lox salmon


Sushi rice

  • Make a thin fried egg
  • Put Lox salmon on sushi rice and roll
  • Cut ½ cucumber triangle sticks
  • Put cucumber on sushi rice and put egg roll on sushi rice and roll together


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