inarizushi (tofu pockets) いなりずし


Inarizushi (sushi) is stuffed rice in a Tofu pocket and is sweet and salty sushi. It’s very popular with the kids. Pronunciation and sounds Inari zushi and Inari sushi Original Japanese: When two “Japanese” words are combined into a single word, the so-called phenomenon occurs in which the sound at the beginning of the underlying … Read more inarizushi (tofu pockets) いなりずし

Mango Rolls (omote maki) マンゴーロール おもて巻き

mango roll

Mango for Sushi? As ingredients for the fruit for sushi, Avocados is already common but Mangos are still not as common in Japan. How much Sushi rice should you put on the seaweed sheet? Leave about 1 inch above your rice to make it easier to roll. How do you roll a”Nori maki”(basic sushi roll)? … Read more Mango Rolls (omote maki) マンゴーロール おもて巻き